A Projects Abroad intern is pictured watching over a doctor as part of their physiotherapy internship in Sri Lanka.

Physiotherapy Internship in Sri Lanka

Learn directly from physiotherapists and gain work experience in beautiful Sri Lanka


Join us on a Physiotherapy internship in Sri Lanka and learn by shadowing physiotherapists in hospitals. This will help you prepare for a career in the medical field, and add relevant work experience to your CV.

You’ll work at local hospitals, where you’ll shadow physiotherapy staff. Depending on your experience, you may also have the chance to help with the treatment of special-needs children. We also recommend seizing the opportunity to learn more about traditional Ayurvedic medicine!  

Take the opportunity to apply the knowledge that you’ve acquired in your studies while learning new techniques from qualified local staff. You’ll live with a welcoming host family, immersing yourself in the local way of life. Explore this beautiful country and all it has to offer with fellow interns in your time off.


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16 eller derover

Is a Physiotherapy internship in Sri Lanka right for me?

Are you:

  • A pre-university student who’s thinking about a career in physiotherapy and would like to see what it’s like?
  • A physiotherapy student who would like to complement your studies with some practical experience?
  • A recent physiotherapy graduate looking to build your CV?

If you said yes to any of these, then this is the ideal internship for you.

Your role at the hospital will be purely observational. However, you will be able to view a wide range of conditions, and ask questions about different treatments and procedures.

If you have physiotherapy training or qualifications, then you will have the opportunity for hands-on work. This will involve helping with the rehabilitation of children who have cerebral palsy or speech impairments. 

We have a Projects Abroad medical supervisor who is there to ensure that your internship runs smoothly. You will also have a staff member who will oversee your work at each of our partner placements.

This internship is available year-round, from a minimum of two weeks. Our start and end dates are flexible, so you can choose a time that suits you.

Doctors and nurses take a picture with wheelchair donated by Projects Abroad during an interns Physiotherapy internship in Sri Lanka.

What will I do at my Physiotherapy placement in Sri Lanka?

Depending on your experience and training, there are a number of different activities you can get involved in. At your physiotherapy placement in Sri Lanka, you can:

  • Observe trained physiotherapists at work in hospitals
  • Work with special-needs children to support their rehabilitation
  • Train local staff to modernise and improve their techniques
  • Learn about traditional Ayurveda medicine practices

Your work will focus on the following areas:

Observe trained physiotherapists at work in hospitals

You’ll encounter a wide range of different conditions while interning at a local hospital. These include elderly people, stroke victims, and those who’ve suffered some kind of injury.

On this internship, you’ll find out how physiotherapists assess and treat their patients. While hospital physiotherapists are often very busy, they will take the time to explain what they are doing wherever possible. You can show your willingness to learn by asking questions, and make the most of your time observing trained medical staff.

Work with special-needs children to support their rehabilitation

If you have qualifications or training, you can work at one of our partner organisations. You can choose to work with children who have cerebral palsy or speech impairments. You’ll assist in their rehabilitation and use physiotherapy sessions to improve their motor skills.

Train local staff to modernise and improve their techniques

If you’re a physiotherapy graduate, you can assist with training local staff. This is a way for you to share what you have learnt during your studies and training and help medical staff to improve their own techniques.

Qualified interns work at a home which cares for children and young adults with severe physical and mental abilities. Through training sessions, you’ll equip staff with updated information. Children will then receive treatment that better reflects the latest developments in the physiotherapy field.

Learn about traditional Ayurveda medicine practices

There is also the option to learn about traditional Ayurveda medicine practices. You need to specifically let us know if you’d like to choose this option, as it is not offered as part of our standard Physiotherapy Project.

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest healing systems. Treatments include herbal medicine, acupuncture, and special diets, to name but a few. Ayurvedic medicine is recognised by the Sri Lankan government, and there are special hospitals dedicated to the practice. You’ll be able to intern here, and gain insight into this unique method of healing.

Where in Sri Lanka will I work?


Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka, and the former capital. Several of our physiotherapy placements are based here. One of the options is the second-largest teaching hospital in the country, located in the south of the city. Our special-needs placements are also located in the surrounding Colombo suburbs.


Panadura is a large town situated around 27 km from Colombo. Here you will intern at a busy district hospital, situated in the centre of the town. Alternatively, you may be placed at a base hospital in a nearby town, 18km away.


Galle is a major city, found in the southwest of Sri Lanka. It is situated around 120 km from Colombo. You will intern at a major teaching hospital. It is located outside of the city centre, but well served by bus routes.

Afhentning i lufthavn, fly og visum

Når du ankommer til lufthavnen, står der en Projects Abroad medarbejder klar til at tage imod dig. Du kan finde mere information om ankomst til lufthavnen, orientering og visum på vores side om ankomst til Sri Lanka

A typical day on the Physiotherapy internship

On any given day, you’ll wake up and share breakfast at the home of your host family. After, you’ll travel to your work placement via bus, rickshaw or your own two feet, if it’s close by. On your first day, our staff will accompany you to show you the way.

For those who are placed in a hospital, a typical work day will run from 8.30am - 12.30pm, and then from 2pm - 4pm, Monday to Friday. These hours may vary, however. If you’re working at our partner placements for children with special needs, working hours are from 7.30am - 2pm, Monday to Friday.

If you’ve chosen to intern at a hospital, then you will spend your time observing trained physiotherapists at work. The government hospitals tend to be very busy. This means you’ll see a lot of different patients during the day. You’ll learn from physiotherapists as they assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of different conditions.

For those of you working at our partner placements for children with special needs, you’ll spend time with those who have cerebral palsy or speech difficulties. Your role is to provide physiotherapy, support, and general interaction, which form a vital part of their rehabilitation. This is an excellent way to put your knowledge into practice while helping to improve children’s overall abilities and wellbeing. It’s also a great opportunity to get invaluable physiotherapy work experience while in Sri Lanka.

At the the end of your working day, it’s time to sit back and relax. Sample delicious local cuisine, sharing dinner with your host family. Why not spend time with your fellow interns as you explore the city? You can also mingle with Projects Abroad staff and make new friends at our regular socials. Sri Lanka has plenty to offer in terms of adventure sports, geographical wonders, and cultural heritage. We encourage you to take the time to discover these.

Projects Abroad Physiotherapy interns in Sri Lanka join other medical interns to learn about and practice CPR.

What are the aims and impact of this internship?

Our aim at the Physiotherapy Project in Sri Lanka is to encourage cross-cultural exchange and share medical knowledge.

Many of the interns who join us are looking for additional experience in the medical field. Learn from skilled local physiotherapists and other care staff, who are eager to share their knowledge with you. Overall, this internship will be invaluable for your future career in the field, and will help to build your CV.

Depending on your experience, you will also work to help children with physical disabilities. While healthcare in Sri Lanka is free for all citizens, it can be limited or inconsistent. This means that people who need rehabilitation don’t always receive it. As an intern, you’ll work to improve children’s physical abilities and overall wellbeing through targeted treatments.

We’ve outlined four core goals for our medical placements in Sri Lanka:

  • Improve access to basic healthcare for disadvantaged groups
  • Improve hygiene standards
  • Promote awareness of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Reduce the number of cases of Dengue fever

Join us on a Physiotherapy internship in Sri Lanka and gain international work experience while providing specialised care to children with disabilities.

Students doing a Physiotherapy internship in Sri Lanka with Projects Abroad collect data for patients' records.

Praktik inden for medicin

 Dette projekt egner sig også perfekt som praktikophold for studerende inden for medicin og sundhed. Du får indsigt og viden fra den virkelige verden, som gavner dig i din udvikling som lægefaglig professionel. Du lærer også at arbejde sammen med forskellige slags mennesker og får et bredere perspektiv på globale sundhedssystemer og problemstillinger, hvilket vil gavne din karriere i mange år fremover. Vi kan arrangere et projekt, der møder alle kravene fra din uddannelsesinstitution.

Læs mere om, hvordan vi arrangerer praktikophold inden for sundhedspleje

Management plans

Vi beskriver vores målsætninger for vores projekter i dokumenter, som vi kalder Management Plans. Vi bruger dem til at planlægge vores arbejde på en grundig og officiel måde. De hjælper os også med at gøre vores projekter bedre. Det betyder også, at du kan blive en del af noget, som faktisk har en stor indflydelse der, hvor der er brug for det.

Læs mere om vores Management Plans

Måling af vores indflydelse

Vores projekter arbejder mod klare, langsigtede mål med specifikke, årlige målsætninger. Hver eneste frivillig og praktikant, som vi sender ud på disse projekter, hjælper os med at komme nærmere vores mål.

Vi udarbejder en Global Impact Report, som dokumenterer vores præstationer og resultater.

Find ud af mere om den indflydelse, som vores globale fællesskab af frivillige, praktikanter og personale har, og læs den seneste rapport. 

Kost og logi

Du bor hos en værtsfamilie i Sri Lanka. De byder dig velkommen i deres hjem og er ivrige efter at dele deres kultur med dig, samt at lade dig lære dem om din egen kultur. Vi tror på, at det er den bedste måde at fordybe dig i kulturen i Sri Lanka og at få en virkelig unik oplevelse.

Vi forsøger altid at lade dig bo sammen med mindst én anden Projects Abroad frivillig eller praktikant hos den samme værtsfamilie. Dit værelse kommer til at være beskedent men komfortabelt, rent og trygt.

Din projektpris inkluderer tre måltider om dagen.  

Få mere viden om vores boligforhold

Aktiviteter og fritid

Sri Lanka er kendt for dets mangfoldige landskaber, lige fra strande til tropisk jungle. Der er helt sikkert noget for enhver smag i landet, som er fyldt med liv.

Det pulserende Pettah Market er et must-see. Du kan snakke med de venlige sælgere, købe håndlavede souvenirs og nyde den elektriske atmosfære omkring dig. Hvis du vil beriges kulturelt, kan du bruge en eftermiddag på nationalmuseet i Colombo. Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple er også et highlight med dets enorme samling af kulturgenstande.

Byen, Galle, er en havneby med en tydelig hollandsk arv og masser af gamle bygninger i kolonistil. Du kan også tage ind i landet for at vandre i bakkerne, svømme i de kølige vandfald og besøge traditionelle landsbyer.

Sri Lankas nationalparker inkluderer safariparker, hvor du kan få øje på vilde dyr som leoparder og elefanter. Eller du kan bruge en tidlig morgen på at kigge på fugle i et af de fredede vådområder. Der er også naturreservater med regnskove, som er fyldt til randen med tropisk biodiversitet.

Du deler den unikke oplevelse med mange andre frivillige på de forskellige projekter. Det betyder, at du enten kan rejse rundt alene i din fritid, eller bruge din fritid sammen med de nye venner, som du får på din tur. 

Sikkerhed og personalesupport

Din sikkerhed er vores højeste prioritet. Vi har mange procedurer og systemer, som sikrer, at du får den støtte, du skal bruge for at nyde din rejse med ro i sindet. Vores Projects Abroad personale er til rådighed døgnet rundt for at hjælpe, og de står klar til at sikre, at du falder godt til i din nye bolig og på dit projekt. Hvis du støder ind i problemer, vil de være klar til at hjælpe dig til hver en tid.


Find ud af mere om sikkerhed og assistance.

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