A teenager measures blood pressure during our medical internship in Ghana

Medical Internships in Ghana for Teenagers

Join other teenagers as you learn from doctors in hospitals and do health checks during outreaches


  • Shadow doctors in a clinical setting and learn how to diagnose and treat many different diseases and conditions.
  • During outreaches, you’ll treat minor wounds, and measure blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
  • You’ll also help raise awareness of disease and how to prevent it by making presentations on common health issues.


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Is a Medicine internship in Ghana for teenagers right for me?

This internship is perfect if you’re a young student considering a future career in medicine. You’ll get medical work experience by shadowing doctors on their rounds, and participating in outreaches. This will give your CV an extra edge, and give you interesting points to talk about in applications and interviews.

Not only will this internship give you the opportunity to see if medicine is a good fit for you, but you’ll also be able to help those living in underprivileged communities. This will demonstrate your commitment to medicine.

You don’t need previous experience to join. We’ll teach you everything you need to know once you arrive. Your Projects Abroad supervisors will also be by your side every step of the way, and they’ll supervise your work.

This fixed-date trip runs for two, three, or four weeks over the summer. You’ll work and travel with other teenagers who are interested in the medical field. Together, you’ll learn, have fun, and explore the culture and country, along with Projects Abroad staff.

Interns and local staff in a group photo on our medical internship for teenagers in Ghana

Your work will be split into three areas:

Observe the work of qualified doctors as they treat patients in a local hospital or clinic

One day a week, you’ll do observation work in a hospital setting. You’ll shadow doctors and nurses as they go about their day-to-day activities. You’ll watch them consult and treat patients, and complete follow-up consultations with previous patients. This will give you a better idea of what it will be like as a practicing doctor.

We encourage you to ask questions and take notes, so you can learn as much as possible from observing.

Assist professional medical staff as they provide free health checks during community outreaches

Most of your time will be spent working at medical outreaches in communities, schools, and leprosy camps. You’ll be involved in more hands-on work during these outreaches. These include:

  • Dressing wounds
  • Carrying out health checks, like measuring blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Giving malaria tests
  • Making presentations on common health issues.

Explore Ghana with other high school students who have similar interests to you

You’ll spend everyday working and travelling alongside other teenagers from around the world. An interest in medicine is something you’ll all have in common.

When you’re not working, your supervisors will ensure there are plenty of social and cultural activities to keep you busy, along with weekend trips. You’ll soak up the sun at the beach, observe the wildlife at national parks, and learn about the country’s history a national museums. You’ll sample authentic Ghanaian food and haggle with traders at their local markets.

Where in Ghana will I be working?

Akuapem Hills

Located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Akuapem Hills is characterised by vibrant green vegetation and rich red earth. As one of the quieter regions, children calling 'Obroni’ (foreigner) as they try to catch your attention will be unmistakable. The villages are welcoming and know how to entertain! When volunteering in Ghana, join in on the street festivities or try dried fish and yams at a food stall on the main street. The bustling city of Accra is within easy reach for a day trip.

Afhentning i lufthavn, fly og visum

Når du ankommer til lufthavnen, står der en Projects Abroad medarbejder klar til at tage imod dig. Du kan finde mere information om ankomst til lufthavnen, orientering og visum på vores side om ankomst til Ghana

What are the aims and impact of this Medicine internship in Ghana for teenagers?

The main aim of this project is to give you the opportunity to learn and gain practical medical work experience.

You’ll learn by observing doctors and nurses on their rounds. You’ll see firsthand what their day-to-day work involves, which may help you decide if a medical career is the right fit for you. 

You’ll get practical experience working on outreaches. In Ghana, basic healthcare services are often unavailable for people in rural, disadvantaged areas. They either can’t afford treatment or live too far away from hospitals and clinics. We go into these communities to provide free, basic medical care.

We’ll teach you basic medical skills, like measuring blood pressure and blood sugar levels. You’ll use these skills to help patients. This is a great way to give back, and demonstrate your commitment to medicine at the same time.    

Gain medical work experience in Ghana and help bring healthcare to disadvantaged communities, while building your medical knowledge. 

An intern gains medical work experience cleaning a wound on our project for teenagers in Ghana

Management plans

Vi beskriver vores målsætninger for vores projekter i dokumenter, som vi kalder Management Plans. Vi bruger dem til at planlægge vores arbejde på en grundig og officiel måde. De hjælper os også med at gøre vores projekter bedre. Det betyder også, at du kan blive en del af noget, som faktisk har en stor indflydelse der, hvor der er brug for det.

Læs mere om vores Management Plans

Measuring our impact

Hvert år gør tusindvis af frivillige på vores ungdomsprojekter aktivt en forskel rundt omkring i verden. I løbet af deres tid i udlandet, bidrager de til opnåelsen af langsigtede mål og har en langvarig indflydelse på de lokalsamfund, de arbejder i.

Vi udarbejder en årlig Impact Report for vores ungdomsprojekter, som dokumenterer nogle af disse præstationer og resultater.

Find ud af mere om disse projekters indflydelse, og læs den seneste rapport

Kost og logi

Du bor hos en værtsfamilie i Accra, Akuapem Hills eller Cape Coast. De byder dig velkommen i deres hjem og er ivrige efter at dele deres kultur med dig, samt at lade dig lære dem om din egen kultur.

Vi tror på, at det er den bedste måde at fordybe dig i kulturen i Ghana og at få en virkelig unik oplevelse. På vores ungdomsprojekter forsøger vi altid at få det til at passe, så du bor med mindst én anden frivillig på samme alder og af samme køn som dig hos din værtsfamilie.

Dit værelse kommer til at være trygt, komfortabelt og rent. Din projektpris inkluderer tre måltider om dagen. 

Få mere viden om vores boligforhold

Sikkerhed og personalesupport

Din sikkerhed er vores højeste prioritet. Vi har mange procedurer og systemer, som sikrer, at du får den støtte, du skal bruge for at nyde din rejse med ro i sindet. Vores Projects Abroad personale er til rådighed døgnet rundt for at hjælpe, og de står klar til at sikre, at du falder godt til i din nye bolig og på dit projekt. Hvis du støder ind i problemer, vil de være klar til at hjælpe dig til hver en tid.


Find ud af mere om sikkerhed og assistance.

Når du tilmelder dig, betaler du kun 2950 kr., som bliver fratrukket projektprisen.

Vil du gerne deltage på mere end ét projekt? Ring til os på +45 35 15 21 20 for at se om vi kan tilbyde dig en god pris.

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