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Medicin & Sundhed, Ernæring i Fiji - Josefine Huusom

What to expect from the Nutrition program in Fiji

Josefine og lokale børn til efter motion

You might not know what exactly to expect from the nutrition program in Fiji before you arrive. But here are the main things you will work on while you are there.

If we are less than around 8 people we usually work together as one group all the time. If we are more people we often divide into two groups, which will work on different projects. But it is of course still possible to join the other group, so you will have an insight into everything that is going on. On Mondays to Thursdays we usually work from 9 am till 5 pm and on Fridays we finish early at 2 pm.

Frivillig på ernæringsprojektet fortæller lokal kvinde om sund livsstil

To promote a healthy lifestyle in the villages, we often go to the villages around Nadi, where we do health screenings on locals. We will measure their height, weight, bmi, waist, body-fat-percentage, blood sugar, blood pressure and do some simple fitness tests to get an idea of their fitness level. After that we will perform nutrition counselling, where we talk about healthy eating habits and physical activity.

Frivillig fortæller om kostplan til lokal kvinde

In that way we hope to make them more aware of their health and motivate them to change to a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes we also do public health screenings in town or health screenings at sedentary work places. In some cases we prepare a final power point presentation about the specific results and present it to the village or work place.

We also do Zumba classes in primary schools, to promote an active lifestyle and show the children that it is fun to be active. You will dance Zumba with some of the other volunteers in front of 100-500 children. They love it!

Frivillig besøger lokal skole for at fortælle om sund kost og motion

Furthermore, we are working on different projects that can promote health. An example is the sugar shocker campaign. A group of volunteers are working on a project where they go out to different classes in the schools and teach about sugar, show the children how much sugar soft drinks contains and do surveys.

Every Thursday afternoon there is a workshop, where all the volunteers from the projects in Nadi and Lautoka come together and get to know each other. This workshop could for example be about Fijian culture and food and then all people go to the beach and play volleyball and have dinner.

If you have any specific suggestions or have new ideas for projects you can always just talk with the group about it and make it happen ☺

Ernæring i Fiji

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