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Frivilliges beretninger : Familien P., Alle Humanitære projekter i Tanzania

A Family Experience in Tanzania

Laura, Rasmus, Bjørn and Rikke

Tumaini in Africa

In January 2012 we went to Arusha to work as care volunteers at an orphanage. “We” means my husband Bjørn and our two kids, Laura (8 ½ years) and Rasmus (6 years). We stayed at the orphanage for 4 weeks, and we had the experience of a lifetime. The orphanage was called “Tumaini for Africa” which means “Hope for Africa”. There were 21 kids in the age of 3 – 9 years living at the orphanage. We were also accommodated at the orphanage, which gave us a very good insight into the daily life and culture of Tanzania. We also got to learn about the life of the kids at the orphanage, the mammas and our host family (the owner of the orphanage) very well.

Laura, Rasmus, Bjørn and Rikke

Care and teaching

There was a kindergarten at the orphanage, where we were taught every day. There were 20 kids at the Kindergarten. We were teaching in math, English, drawing and sports. Laura and Rasmus helped us in the kindergarten, participated in the teaching or just went outside to play with the other children. For lunch we went to the kid’s house to have lunch together with them. We had “ugali” with bean-gravy. The kids at the orphanage used their fingers to eat with and so did Laura and Rasmus – they enjoyed it.

Laura, Rasmus, Bjørn and Rikke

Sometimes in the afternoon we were teaching the older school-kids. We did some different activities with all the kids like drawing, playing games, playing soccer, rope-skipping and so on. We had colors, paper, games and ropes with us from Denmark. Often Bjørn helped irrigating the vegetable garden, and I helped sorting the beans. Laura and Rasmus were also a part of all the different things going on. They either helped us with our doings, or they just played around. Laura spent a lot of time taking care of the youngest kids, and Rasmus often played with the boys.

Laura, Rasmus, Bjørn and Rikke


Sometimes in the weekends we went into the town to do some shopping or went for a swim at a hotel-pool. A couple of times we went with the other volunteers from Projects Abroad on trips to e.g. Moshi Waterfall or the Masai-village. In the weekends we often did some work at the orphanage, because we wanted to.

Laura, Rasmus, Bjørn and Rikke

A great experience

All four of us had a great experience at Tumain orphanage. We can truly recommend such a stay to other families who are considering doing volunteering work. We got a unique experience as a family staying together under new and different circumstances. Each one of us got our own cultural and social experience.

Laura, Rasmus, Bjørn and Rikke

After our stay at Projects Abroad we went on safari, where we trekked at Mt. Meru and relaxed at Zanzibar. We had a great time in Tanzania – not a least thanks to Projects Abroad.

Laura, Rasmus, Bjørn and Rikke

Familien P.

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