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Humanitært arbejde i Thailand - Rebecca Porter

Travel letter from Thailand

Rebecca leger med lokale børn

My two months at Projects Abroad has been a very interesting experience!

I have tried to work in a few different places, because of the holidays in October. Therefore I have been on a military camp that only lasted one day, the English Fun Camp that lasted for two weeks, and at last from November, I have been working on my Care Project at Baan Koh Klang School.

It has been interesting to experience the contrast between the English Fun Camp with Projects Abroad staff members, and being at an actual school. The English Fun Camp was with every child who wanted to come and learn English from the age of four up until around 12-years-old. They were quite good at English and were also willing to learn more. The teachers were the staff members and the volunteers of Projects Abroad.

The fact that all of the volunteers worked together at the camp made the experience a lot more fun, because we got to know each other better in that way, could share the experiences together, and could also learn from each other by watching how we interacted with the children.

Working on the Care Project at the school was therefore a very different experience. While the English Fun Camp was very relaxed about what clothes we wore and so on, the school wanted more suitable clothing. The children at the school did not know a lot of English, and neither did the teachers. If they wanted to tell us something they would use their dictionary to find the exact word, or otherwise we would all just laugh about it.

The biggest difference between the school system in Thailand and the school system at home in Denmark must be the way of teaching the children how to behave. They are stricter with the children if they have forgotten their book at home, are fighting, or are behaving badly in any other way, using other methods to tell them it is wrong, than back home in Denmark. Therefore the children also have a lot of respect for their teacher, a respect that we as a volunteer did not have in the same way.

Our job as a volunteer was mostly teaching them basic English, playing with them, and comforting them if they were feeling sad. The energy from the children is so inspiring, and their smile always made me happy!

One of the biggest and best things about being here in Thailand working as a volunteer is the unique opportunity of living with a host family. My host family has been so nice to me, making me feel welcome right away. All the staff members at Projects Abroad have also been so kind, funny and helpful. I will miss them all a lot!

Thank you all for this great and unique experience!

Rebecca, Humanitært Arbejde i Thailand.

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