A group of volunteers abroad spend an afternoon learning about Masaai culture in Tanzania, Africa.


Elective students practice suturing

Af Hannah Atkins 19 oktober 2016

6 Reasons To Take Your Medical Elective Abroad

Medical Electives abroad are increasing in popularity – many more students in the healthcare field are considering this option, and for good reason!

Af Hannah Atkins 27 juli 2016

Creative Fundraising Ideas: From Marmalade To Moustaches

So many of our volunteers fundraise to cover the cost of their trip, but it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start and what to do! Fear not, however – I’m here to talk you through potential ideas to help you meet your fundraising goals.

Gap Year volunteer in Peru

Af Jemma Dicks 10 januar 2016

Top 5 Things To Do In A Gap Year

Decided to take a year out but now left asking yourself “what can I do in my gap year”? No worries!

A cheetah in a wildlife reserve in Southern Africa

Af Samantha Evans 27 maj 2015

Cuddling Cubs – Discover The Darker Side Of Big Cat “Conservation”

A few years ago while on holiday in Cape Town, South Africa I had what I considered the privilege of petting a young cheetah. I remember being led into the enclosure by the handler, slowly crouching down and running my fingers through its spotted coat.

Volunteer snorkeling in Fiji

Af Samantha Evans 26 januar 2015

10 Fun Facts About Fiji

With its pristine waters and white sandy beaches, Fiji is an ideal destination for volunteers wanting to soak up some sunshine in a balmy, tropical location in their free time.

Two dolphins swim freely in their natural habitat

Af Jemma Dicks 08 september 2014

Swimming With Dolphins: Time To Kick It Off The Bucket List?

We were travelling through the Bolivian Pampas in a small motorised canoe, when we became aware that there was something following us. The driver stopped the boat and told us that they wanted to play.

A scenic view of Marble Beach in Sri Lanka where volunteers can spend their free time

Af Jemma Dicks 21 maj 2014

3 Incredible Weeks In Sri Lanka Volunteering As A Family

Programme Advisor Heidi has travelled far and wide and spends most of her time talking to potential volunteers about the destinations and voluntary placements that Projects Abroad offers.

Joanne camping at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains

Af Joanna Glyde 12 marts 2014

Why I Took Two Gap Years And How They Shaped Who I Am Today

My first gap year took everyone by surprise, not least of all me. It started at the end of November 1994, in the final year of my A-levels.

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